Stay Together Mediation for Survival and Sustainability


by Brian R. Haskell

By the time couples come to us, their relationship has often deteriorated beyond repair and divorce is inevitable. Sometimes, however, an earlier intervention could have saved the relationship. That’s where Stay Together Mediation comes in.

The dissolution of a marriage or partnership can have devastating consequences on our emotions, finances, or reputation. It also has lasting effects on any children involved. That’s why we developed a mediation process designed not to facilitate a separation, but to give relationships a chance to survive.

You might a good candidate for Stay Together Mediation if:

  • If you still love each other but simply can’t live together anymore and want solutions and guidance as you plan your separation.
  • If you are able to work together with flexibility and a willingness to compromise.
  • If you are willing to allow both parties a chance to share their point of view and concerns in a safe, uninterrupted, and guided manner.

How It Works

During mediation sessions, we engage in an organized listing of concerns, difficulties, differences of opinion, and actions that have brought the relationship to the brink of ending.  

After agreeing that the list is comprehensive, we begin a discussion as to whether there is room for change, compromise, and commitment to making things better.

As we brainstorm ideas for how to solve seemingly intractable problems, we begin to outline an agreement calculated to create positive change.

The final step is a written agreement that both parties sign. This agreement is not intended to be legally binding, but simply reflective of a commitment by both parties to work towards a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Ready to start creating a better path forward with your spouse or partner? Next Chapter Mediators is here to help. Contact us for your free consultation.

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